Blog Space for Rent

Wow, I’ve missed this space. More than a month into 2010 and I haven’t blogged anything not even once until now. Guess I’ve been really busy. Or maybe I was just too lazy to blog. I guess it’s time to get back.

I still prefer to blog the traditional way versus Tweeting, and Google’s new Buzz, or whatever fancy things people are inventing and everyone is so hyped about at the moment. I liken blogging to an image. Tweeting would be that of a moving image, more like a video or an animation. While it may be fluid and dynamic, it also dies down fast similar to a trend. The traditional way is well.. . traditional. Like an old picture of you playing a ball when you were 5 years old. Looking at that picture and then you are filled with memories. Strong and vivid memories of who you are and what you’ve done.

So what have I done?

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