Frost dual-wield DPS – A New Hope

Yes I kinda stole the title from the ElitistJerks thread for Frost dual-wield DPS. Sue me! Because these exact same words, “new” and “hope”, is what best describes the infamous Frost tree of the Death Knight class is right now. It is also a new hope for like-minded people who play this game not to make it as an excuse to waste time but rather to go as far as we can without overdoing it or going near the line of hardcore gaming.

Going back now, for how many patches the Frost DW DKs have been sitting so low when it came to DPS (or damage done) compared to it’s 2 stronger brothers – blood and unholy. The unholy tree was certainly buffed up when Icecrown Citadel came out. Blood has been strong since armor penetration was the new girl in town back in the Ulduar days. While Frost was officially made the dual-wield tree for DKs, which got plenty of attention that time since no longer will a hybrid class be sporting a hybrid spec, it never really got the attention and love from Blizzard.

Right now the Frost DK is stronger than ever before. While it is NOT safe to say that it is currently the strongest DPS tree among the other DK trees, rest assured we are no longer behind by a thousand DPS or more. Yes. 2 weeks or so into patch 3.3.3 and already I can compete strongly against Unholy and Blood DKs in DPS on boss fights, whether single target or not. Then again almost all boss fights in ICC don’t have additional mobs during the encounter, save for Valythria Dreamwalker and the Lick King himself.

We the dual-wielding DKs still lose much on movement fights such as Marrowgar and Rotface, but the improvement is certainly noticeable. I used to do only 6-7k on Marrowgar, for example, since it involved a lot of movement and unlucky strings of impales that cost me DPS downtime. For Rotface it doesn’t get better. Well no more of that anymore. I am easily doing over 8k DPS now. On standing fights I have been sitting over 10k DPS on Saurfang for 2 weeks. I know I can pull 11k++ if only the TPS I generate is not a concern. Even with 2/3 subversion I am just below the tanks or racing with our strongest lock and/or ret paladin for threat. Yes my new guild lack consistent raiding rogues and hunters to always misdirect and TOTT to the tanks. And if there are no warrior tanks to vigilance me, it’s even worse.

All in all, for the changes Blizzard made to Frost dual-wield DPS Death Knights in the current 3.3.3 patch, there is only one thing I can say – It’s about goddamn time!!!

I am quite excited to once again give Festergut a kickin in the butt the day after tomorrow. In previous runs my highest got me to 9k DPS. This was before the patch 3.3.3. You are wondering why still Festergut? Well due to some guild drama – lets just say there are people who are married, have kids, a stable job and enough money to spare but are still ill-equipped to handle things logically given that it is just a game – ruined many things. Progression downtime for more than a month. In that same span of time the 10 or so people who were committed to progression got as far as Lich King on 10 man Icecrown Citadel easily. This was for the month of March.

The month of April also gave the 10 or so people committed to progression a “new hope.” Not only did we find a new guild, we also think these new people are more mature to handle things and better at playing their classes.

So here’s to raiding 25-man ICC once again. Good luck now that we are REBORNE! 😀

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Notice: This article was published on April 8, 2010 and the content above may be out of date.