WOW: R.I.P. Lich King

It’s been long OVERDUE.  But finally we did it…  KILLED the Lich King and got “the Kingslayer” title today.  For reasons I would rather not go into, we stumbled upon a few bumps that kept us from blazing our way to the frozen throne.  We’ve cleared all Icecrown Citadel (10-man normal) wings except the frozen throne since March 16 and melee-heavy at that.

A month has passed before we’ve completed the elusive achievement and title.  Countless YouTube videos watched.  Lots of different strategies read.  Numerous wipes on the way to the throne.  Scores of fish feast dropped. LOL!  It’s not that we’ve been failing for a month.  To be honest we only did 2 eager and serious attempts on LK.  First was a month ago, then the second was today.  Today was a GREAT day for us.

It goes to show, if you just get the QQ and the drama out of the way, nothing is really hard especially if you’ve got a group eager and willing to progress.  For what is raiding every week if you don’t intend to get past the first 4 bosses in the noobie zone?  Hard core you say?  Yeah right!  Blizzard intentionally made 10-man normal version of all raid dungeons in this expansion just so you whiners get a chance to see content.  Getting 25 people to raid more than twice a week was already hard.  How much more if it were end-game content already?  So this is your chance. Grab it already.  Stop talking and do it.  Otherwise, I suggest just stop playing. You’re just adding to the lag around Dalaran!

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Notice: This article was published on April 16, 2010 and the content above may be out of date.