Favorites on your Ubuntu desktop

Don’t know where to put your Favorite applications?

The default main menu of Ubuntu 10.04, and other versions, isn’t your typical menu.  It doesn’t have a “favorites” or a “most often used” section (like in Windows) so you can quickly access applications that you use often.  Don’t worry!  The Gnome desktop offers you a very good alternative to making shortcuts to your often-used applications.  What’s even better is that it’s readily accessible without the need to click on the menu or a drop-down list.

So, aside from cluttering your desktop with a myriad shortcuts to your favorite applications which is so Windows style, where do you put it on Ubuntu’s default setup?  That’s easy.  You see that panel at the top?  There’s a lot of empty space somewhere in the middle.

The Firefox and Help icons are  already a dead giveaway in this case. You can add more application launchers there. Simply right click on the panel then select “Add to Panel”.

Once you’ve done that, select “Application Launcher” from the list. It should be at the top.  You can type into the search box the words “application launcher” if for some reason you are having a hard time finding it.  Hit the Forward button after.

By now you should be at the applications list.  Select the application of your choice.  Again use the search box to help you find the application fast.

Click on the “Add” button and your chosen application should now have a launcher placed at the top panel.  Select another application if you wan to add more launchers.

Have fun!

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Notice: This article was published on June 25, 2010 and the content above may be out of date.