Rythmbox: Get rid of that context pane

Rythmbox is the default music player for Ubuntu 10.04. I like it for its simplicity.  The design is clean and not popping with eye candy.  While I must admit it doesn’t look sexy, it does not pretend to be like its flamboyant KDE cousin – Amarok.  Rythmbox certainly follows the minimalistic design approach of Gnome.

Having a super sexy music player is one thing. It’s definitely good for showing off.  On another note, who stares at a music player for hours?!  (Maybe someone does.)  I certainly haven’t seen a Rhythmbox plugin that turns one of the panels a la Videoke mode, complete with all the lyrics and the bouncing ball as it guides you to the next word in the song.  This would have been an excuse for staring at it for hours.  No, the lyrics plugin doesn’t count.

What most people do want is more space and less clutter.  I for one am one of those persons.  I want my music player to display just what I want.  Too much details can be confusing and annoying.

On my Rythmbox I just need the controls, side pane (F9) and the center pane (or whatever it’s called).  Anything else and I hide or disable it.

But wait!

That context pane at the right side of the player is not under the View menu. How do I hide it?  Well it’s simple.  Notice that blue-colored, circle-shaped icon with an ‘i’?  Press it once and it hides the context pane.  Press it again and the context pane goes back into view.

Sweet more space now!

Nope. I hate to burst your bubble.  When you start Rythmbox the next time, the context pane will be back.  It will keep on showing every time the player is started.

Why? Well what do you know. It’s a plugin! Yes you read it right.

To hide or disable it permanently you must tell Rythmbox not to use this plugin.  Click on the Edit menu, select Plugins.

Uncheck the Context Pane plugin from the list. (It should be right at the very top of the list by default.)

Once you’ve done this, the context pane will no longer be visible.  It will remain this way on the next Rythmbox session until you enable the plugin again.

Yahoo! No more context pane.  Enjoy a more tidy-looking Rythmbox on your Ubuntu desktop.

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Notice: This article was published on July 23, 2010 and the content above may be out of date.