Ubuntu One Indicator Applet Not Indicating

Recently, I installed the Ubuntu One Indicator Applet via Rye’s PPA @ ppa:rye/ubuntuone-extras. Remember to add the PPA to your software sources. Ditch the command line process of adding a repository and do it using Ubuntu Software Center.

The install was fast and uneventful. Not that I expected something to go awfully wrong. Anyway, if you’re confused on how to start the applet, just go to the menu, select ‘applications’, then ‘others’ and it should be there, which in my case, was all by its lonesome.

Once it’s started, notice how there is an icon like a cloud sitting among your other indicators, which by default is at the right part of the top panel.

Curious as to how it works, I began updating and uploading a few things to my Ubuntu One account. I didn’t see any indications of upload progress from the indicator at all. Well I’ll be… what a bummer! I did expect fancy blinking or at least the cloud icon turning varying shades of green until the sync completed. It turns out, you have to manually click on the applet so that a small menu comes out and display what’s going on.

That kinda sucks doesn’t it?

What is the purpose of  having another indicator on the panel if it really doesn’t obviously indicate anything?

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Notice: This article was published on October 13, 2010 and the content above may be out of date.