Firefox 4: More URL Space!

When hovering over a link, the 3.x Firefox and older versions had more space to show the entire text compared to Firefox 4 beta. And why not when the entire status bar at the bottom of the browser occupied the entire width of the application.

The new Firefox has gone away with the status bar for reasons I don’t know. Maybe for more screen space? Some of us do like to see the full URL (save that of very long URLs) without having to click on the link. This becomes irritating since part of the link is trimmed and replaced with dots. While bigger monitors have more space to display the entire length of the link, what about those with smaller screens?

Why not use the entire location bar to display the full text of the URL?

Better yet, do it a la Google Chrome where there is no fixed status bar but the full URL will still display at the bottom and go away when the mouse is not over a link?

Then again maybe I should just find an add-on where the URL pops out instead of the link title or both?

Yep, this new Firefox will need some getting used to.. .

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Notice: This article was published on November 20, 2010 and the content above may be out of date.