Ubuntu One Indicator Missing!

For several times I’ve been confused on how I keep on losing my Ubuntu One indicator. This went on for several days, I think weeks even, until I realized what was causing it – HIBERNATE. You see I am a huge fan of hibernate. Sometimes, things just go awry after the computer wakes up from an extended slumber. The indicator is pretty stable. I don’t remember it crashing randomly. But now I’m pretty sure that hibernate is causing it to crash.

Anyone has the same experience or observations?

If you didn’t know, it’s actually a little applet sitting at the top panel to let the user know if there are syncing activities going on. I find it more handy compared to keeping the Ubuntu One preferences window open all the time.

Apparently, after I power up my desktop from a hibernate the said indicator will no longer be visible from the top panel. Unfortunately, the last time it happened I was not able to check the processes list to see if it’s still running but not showing on the panel. The next time I’ll make sure to check. I probably want to put a note of that pinned to my desktop so I don’t forget.

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