Natty The Narwhal On Google Maps

What is that narwhal doing there on Google Maps?

If you want to see it live on Google Maps, coordinates are: 51°29’30.82″ N 0°07’28.59″ W

Is that Natty the Narwhal?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t get the Narwhal to show when I tried to embed the map here. I guess it only works when you are viewing it directly on Google Maps. Grabbed a screenshot instead. (Hope Google doesn’t mind at all.) 😉 And then there is the matter of April Fools’ being today. Maybe the narwhal won’t be swimming in that river for very long. Better a screenshot to capture this historic moment.

For a better viewing experience I suggest Google Earth. It lets you view the spot in 3D so maybe a better rendering of the Narwhal there. I don’t want to install it on my Ubuntu. I’ll leave that up to you. Better hurry, Natty is going back to the ocean pretty soon!

Note: Tip coming from OMG! Ubuntu! Thanks.

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