Empire Defense – Not Another Tower Defense Game

Last night I was searching the Android Market for a fun ‘tower defense’-style of game. The search returned dozens of results but somehow my index finger ended up tapping on Empire Defense. It was nothing like I expected. I only wanted a classic tower defense game and ended up with something a little different to my surprise.

It is not your usual tower defense game. Not at first. There is just one big green field at the start (because you have to unlock the other maps) which confused me for a moment. Where is the path? Then it dawned on me. There is no path because YOU are going to make it! Neat, huh?

At the start, there are 4 options for towers that can be built. Basic Archery Tower, High Archery Tower, a cannon or Bombard Tower and a Frozen Tower. There are 2 more slots (I think) for towers that can be unlocked later in the game. I haven’t gotten to that part yet.

  1. Archery Tower is your basic, fast-attack tower and the cheapest at 5 gold. Obviously, it shoots arrows at both air and ground units. This tower is very weak against air units.
  2. High Archery Tower can be bought at 25 gold. It’s not cheap. Save it for later in the mid-game when the flyers come out. These are your best offense against air units.
  3. Bombard Tower has a strong attack. It fires terribly slow though. For 20 gold, you will want to invest heavily on this tower.
  4. Frozen Tower slows down both air and ground units. It has no damaging attack. This tower can be built for 10 gold.

The game objective is simple. Build as many towers to stop the enemy from reaching the other end of the map. Gold is earned every time an enemy is killed. All towers can be upgraded.

Here are a couple of screenshots from the game.

Plain Map

Desert Map

What the game needs IMHO:

  • More eye candy would be nice. Right now it looks ok. However, the game could use a little more work on the animations, including the sound/music effects.
  • Better Power/battery management  because it drains the batt too fast. I was at +80% batt level and in merely an hour it was down to 15%!
  • A super weapon that can be unleashed when things get too crazy. Either buy it with gold and has limited use or time-activated.
  • Tower placement system is a bit akward. How many times did I drag the tower to the wrong spot? Or maybe I just have a big, clumsy finger.

Overall, it is a FUN tower defense game. Oh, and watch out for that elephant!

* All images taken from Androd Market at https://market.android.com/details?id=goodteamstudio.defence.lite.en. Brand names, logo and images are property of their respective owners.

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