Notify OSD Config

If you are using the patched version of Notify-OSD* from Leolik’s PPA and using Notify OSD Configuration GUI** of AmandeepGrewal to change the look of the notification bubble, chances are you may also have edited the .notify-osd file by hand to include either or both of the following: bubble-prevent-fade and bubble-close-on-click. These two options are not included in the GUI.

What you should be aware of is that the GUI will overwrite any and all changes to the the .notify-osd file. Using ‘Save Theme’ will not include whatever changes were made outside of the GUI.

As you may already know, the patched Notify-OSD allows you to customize the look of the notification bubble from its background color, text and message color, font weight and a whole lot more. By default you can’t do anything about the bubble.

bubble-prevent-fade and bubble-close-on-click when enabled (e.g. bubble-prevent-fade = 1) prevents it from fading when the mouse is hovered on top  and can be closed via a mouse click, respectively.

These options should be included in the GUI. I like to use both because bubbles can be distracting and annoying at times. That is why I also have indicator-notifications by Jason Conti installed in case I don’t read the messages or miss it while I’m AFK.

* After you add Leolik’s PPA and finished the update, you won’t be able to install this on Ubuntu Software Center without removing the package then installing it back again, which may break some dependencies. Not to worry, you can do it by hand. Run gnome-terminal and enter the command sudo apt-get install notify-osd. This will force the re-install of the patched version.

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Notice: This article was published on May 23, 2011 and the content above may be out of date.