Help Fund Novacut – Opensource Pro Video Editor

GOAL: US $25,000

DEADLINE: Friday Jul 29, 11:00pm EDT


What is it? “Open-source video-editor specifically focused on TV production using HDSLR cameras”, that aims to be the world’s first with real-time collaborative video editing capabilities.

This video editor is being designed for pros. I am not into video editing of any kind. In fact, I don’t even own a HDSLR camera or any pro-type camera, but a measly point-and-shoot Cybershot from Sony that is over 4 years old. Certainly, this is not for noobies!

Nevertheless, it is an open-source project, already has the potential to bring in another professional-level tool for Linux, and for that it earns a noob spot here. We once were all noobies right?

What’s the deal?

The guys at Novacut need funding. As the title of this post and the big GOAL text above so obviously hints, deadline is fast approaching while the $25K goal, as of the time of this writing, is only about 3/5ths completed.

Why should you bother when I didn’t?

My finances are tight right now. I would love to donate but I can’t afford it. However, maybe you can spare a dollar or two to get this open-source project on its merry way? Surely you want more pro-level toys to play around with on your Ubuntu right? As a consolation, donate at least $10 and Novacut promises you that “Your name goes in the glamorous backer list on our website, and in the editor itself.”

Ubuntu, and Linux as a whole, needs more of such things to bring in more of the “creative minds” stuck in another non-Linux OS over. They always complain that ‘I cannot run Photoshop on Linux’ or ‘How do I edit without Dreamweaver on Linux?!’. Okay, the comparison is not really very similar since Novacut isn’t for web development, but I think you get the picture. A lot of my web dev friends stick to the [Win]doze because they got better tools (according to them, and I’m not saying it ain’t true but I don’t always agree with it).

Head on over!

Donation page is over at Kickstarter if you want to throw in anything.

Novacut official website here for more information about this project.

World’s First Collaborative Video Editor

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