DotA 2 Coming Soon To PC and Mac

No that is not some cheap play on words to get you to read this post. It is not a typographical error too. The title says what it says. DotA 2 is really coming out.

And you thought Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is the [unofficial] sequel to the very popular Warcraft 3 mod – Defense of the Ancients (DotA). So did I.. . until I saw this video.

Watch and enjoy the awesome trailer below!

Lately, I had started to play a few games on HoN  after it was made free to play by S2 Games last month. HoN has a native Linux client, in case you didn’t know. Surprisingly, it is one of the few big games – in terms of number of people playing – that has support for Linux. You can download it at the official HoN site. Now, is it not a coincidence that DotA 2 is coming out soon?

It has been a while since I’ve played DotA. I remember how I spent countless hours and sleepless nights playing this game with friends back in college. Seeing the trailer brings back those fun memories! (Boy, this makes me sound old. LOL!)

How many of the DotA heroes can you identify in the video?

I am certain the hero running through the forest in the opening scene is Traxex – Drow Ranger. The next I’m not sure but it looks like Mogul Khan – Axe, followed by what looks to be Magina – Anti-Mage and Raigor Stonehoof – Earthshaker, and it looks like Axe is going to be `axed` in that scene.

Other heroes shown later on in the video are Razor – Lightning Revenant, Pudge – Butcher, Crystal Maiden – Rylai Crestfall, Lina Inverse – Slayer, Viper – Netherdrake, and Knight Davion – Dragon Knight. Who else did I miss?

Coming soon to Steam

Dota 2 is developed by Valve. I’m sure you guys know them for their online game distribution channel, Steam. It looks like Linux is going to be left out in the open again this time. Steam is not known to be Linux-friendly, but you can run it through Play On Linux (POL) or Wine. Note that only a limited number of games run on Linux even through Steam, and the games run slower with poorer graphics.

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