Third Blade – Hack & Slash RPG Game

Third Blade is a nice hack and slash type of game.  There are no quests, no items to collect or princesses to save. Just battle your way through the different maps and there are enough to keep you tapping your phone’s screen all night. You will be up against different types of monsters that will grab, spit, and scream at you. Each map is playable in Normal, Hard or Hell mode.

The focus of the game is your play style. There are three types to choose from – dual wield, one-handed sword and two-handed sword. For each sword that you wield – and you can switch blades during the game – there are corresponding skills that you can use. These skills only are usable according to the type of blade you are using and adapts to that kind of play style.

You can upgrade your blade, armor and skills with the use of coins and runes. Coins can be collected as you kill monsters and awarded after completing a map. Runes can be exchanged for coins or you can buy it with real money. Additional skills can be purchased from the shop and these can be upgraded as well. However, there are only three skill hotkey slots available. You can swap skill in between games or during the game play. There are other things you can buy from the shop such as potions and permanent enhancement for your abilities, e.g. HP,  attack, defense, etcetera.

One interesting thing with Third Blade is that it does not require a high-end phone to play. On my LG Optimus One it performs well, although I experience a little bit of lag whenever there are too many monsters and the visual effects is turned on. Not to worry though, the visual effects can be turned off from the options menu to improve performance.

There are four bonus maps included in the game where the objective is kill as many monsters as you can or be killed, battle boss monsters one vs. one, kill all the monsters before time runs out and the other one I forgot.

All-in-all Third Blade is a fun RPG game for hack and slash fans. The best thing is that it is FREE! The game has room for improvements like more maps and levels or the armor worn should show in the game. Right now it does not and only the blades’ visuals are visible.


1) This is a bug that gets you free runes without need to go online. Make sure your WiFi connection is turned off. Now every time the game asks if you would like free runes, select YES. It will then try to redirect you to a site where you are supposed to leave a comment in order to get the runes. However, since you’re not connected, the site will fail from loading and you will get an error. Now press the back key of your phone. You will be returned to the game. Notice how the runes have already been added. I think it is 3 free runes always.

Note: This is a free game and it will help the developers a lot if you purchase runes whenever you are feeling generous. It’s cheap.

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Notice: This article was published on November 10, 2011 and the content above may be out of date.