Gone To Tristram. Will Be Back After Inferno.. .

Have not posted for a while on this blog here. Blame it on work where more than half the time I’m forced to use Windows because we’re using MS SQL on a project. I can’t complain though. I’m learning new things. Which can only be good, right?

However the above is not entirely true. That and the fact that using Windows OS has really nothing to do with not being able to post on this blog. But I just like to rant, that I do. So while the past 2 months I’ve been working like crazy, it is not really good to drive one’s self too much. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so they say. And that is what I have been doing the past few days. Taking a break. More like playing.. . playing as a Barbarian on Diablo III that is!

The game can be quite addicting. Blizzard certainly knows how to make a game and weave an exquisite story around it. A lot of things can be added to make the game even better. Yet, the game is less than a month old since release and more patches are yet to come. For sure there’s going to be an expansion to Diablo III. The game is too short. It abruptly ends and leaves you wanting. Nevertheless, the current state is still very engaging. I’m afraid this game may become my new WOW. I certainly do not want that to happen. Not again.

For now I’ve gone to Tristram and the High Heavens. I’ll be back here after Inferno. See you there!

Back from Inferno and  Diablo III IS NOT WORTH IT!

After a while Diablo III is not that satisfying anymore. I’ve taken a break from it. My main gripes with this game is that it is very unrewarding. Very unrewarding.

I have already finished Inferno mode and grinding some more for that “legendary” item or BiS Rare item I don’t want to do anymore  because the RNG in this game is just plain stupid. At least with WOW once the item drops from the boss then you get really rewarded for your labor. Diablo III is a grind that will only lead to frustration. It’s not worth it.

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