Diablo 3 And Why It Sucks

We’ve  been had. I feel Blizzard has been “playing” its players with Diablo 3 all along. I’ve got over 250 hours logged on my Barbarian (I think it’s close to 300 or even more) and guess how many drops I’m actively using?

There’s like only 4!

This is not even BIS (best in slot) items, but they’re good enough for my DPS or tank set. More like forced, since I can’t get something similar that is affordable.

Okay, to name these 4 items,

1) Ivory Tower (off-hand) – I was lucky enough to get this “supposedly” legendary shield. Unfortunately it was pre-1.04 so it’s the legacy Ivory Tower.  The stats are good enough – 20% Block Chance, All Resistance, Critical Hit Chance and %Life – so I’m still using it until now.

2) Gloves (Armor) – This one is actually for Wizards  and Witch Doctors because it has over 250 Intelligence on it. However, it’s just too good to pass up because of the 9% Critical Hit Chance that came with it and has some Vitality and Dexterity too.

3) Amulet (Armor) – Again this one I was sort of “lucky” enough to get from some random elite, but it would have been very good for Demon Hunters and Monks because it has over 150+ Dexterity. The thing is, the ammy has a big enough Average Damage bonus and to top it up, it has like 7% Critical Hit Chance.

For the 2 items above, this is very good for a Sprint/WW build Barbarian. I need all the Critical Hit Chance I can get to keep those numbers popping and feeding me fury. Note that I’m sacrificing All Resistance on 2 armor slots because I can compensate this with my build if I’m careful enough.

4) Mace (Weapon) – The first few weeks after I hit 60 and started doing Butcher runs, a 800+ DPS mace dropped. It was one out of the 3 times that I got a weapon with a damage that high. Yet, this is the only one I’m still using until now because the other 2, although it both had high damage, the stats were just horrible that I get better benefits from a lower damage weapon with Life On Hit, additional Critical Hit Damage or a Socket.

I must be exaggerating right? Yes and no.

To tell you honestly, other items that were usable enough have dropped for me. But, these were items that didn’t have All Resistance so they were just like temporary. I was forced to use these items until I was able to get one that is just as better and has All Resistance. Without the latter requirement my Barbarian is like a marshmallow on Inferno. It would literally melt in a few seconds that having a higher DPS is useless when I can’t even get 3 shots off before dying. All resistance is a must for Barbarians.

And guess where I got most, if not all, of the gear with All Resistance?

From the Auction House! Yehey! (insert sarcasm here)

Here comes the Fix (Not!)

Now Patch 1.04. It was heavily hyped by the Diablo 3 dev team to be a “patch in the right direction”.  Everybody was excited. Classes were buffed (mostly) and monsters were generally nerfed. Legendary items were given an awesome look and feel (and some even a new name), a huge stat boost and special affixes to make the game more “fun”. Loot drop rate were supposedly tweaked to drop more often even on regular monsters.

Guess what? Patch 1.04 came and nothing really changed. Sure a few class skills were mostly buffed and it was easier to kill elites now. But that’s about it. The rest is still the same – shitty loot drops. I have not seen a good drop since this patch came out.

What is even worse is that the change has affected the drops from elites. Sure, I get a yellow every now and then from normal mobs and weapon/armor racks, but the elite drops were either zero(0) or six(6) with full Nephalem Valor stack.  Before 1.04, I was always guaranteed at least 2 rare drops from bosses/elites after my 5th Nephalem stack. Now I often get 1 only.sur

Magic Find?

I have a 200%++ Magic Find set that I use to run Act 1 (and maybe Act 2, but I have to switch back to a few DPS gear or I’d die easily because I  don’t have enough damage to kill the monsters fast). The results are the same. Garbage loots.  So what is the meaning of having more MF if better items can’t and won’t drop?I mean 200%++ is not that high, but it should have given me at least usable loot. That has not happened yet.

Quantity vs Quality

Something is very wrong. The increased drop rates is plain bull. They just distributed the numbers across all the monsters randomly. Since normal mobs and armor/weapon racks have more chance to drop rare, they also lessened the assured drop rates from elites. I mean sure, I’ve had Butcher drop 5 rares and belial 6 rares at one time. This is more of an exception rather than the rule. Pre-1.04 I’m almost always assured 2 rares with 5 Nephalem stacks from bosses and elites, and it wasn’t surprising to see 3 rare drops often. Now I no longer see that.

RNG is unpredictable, yes I know that, but the drops now are just the same – plain garbage!

Do you have what `it` takes?

Diablo 3 is all about gear. It’s a DPS check. You can beat all of the Acts on Inferno with the right gear. Many people are complaining that they cannot progress because the loot drops were stupidly horrible. So what did Blizzard do to fix this?  Make Inferno easier.

Why didn’t they just go right to the problem – fix the loot quality and make it possible to play Diablo 3 without ever going to the AH?

The answer is quite obvious – MONEY. If they were to do that, their profit from the AH would go south.

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