Back To KDE After Several Years

Welcome 2014! It is a new year and I have a new desktop – the beautiful and shiny KDE.  Actually, it is not my first time to have used this desktop environment on Linux. It is sort of a “comeback.” Back in the KDE 3.x days (and early 4.x), I was a heavy and loyal user of KDE. I was either on SuSE/OpenSuSE and/or Mandriva/Mandrake since these distros had KDE as their default desktops. Back then I was not using Ubuntu. Back then I would never touch a Gnome desktop even with a 20-foot pole because it is just butt ugly and is behind KDE in light years in terms of configurability.

So here I am now back to KDE after more than 5 years (There was a period around 2009 where I just stopped using Linux for a year out of frustration from the shift to KDE 4.x where then it was a nightmare to use).

What made the prompt to go back to KDE?

Honestly, I’m satisfied with Ubuntu. Technically, I’m still on Ubuntu, not on a *buntu flavor like Kubuntu, and I only installed the KDE desktop packages. Unity is fine. I like it. However, I was tweaking something with LightDM a week ago, and something went horribly wrong. It affected the desktop theme, the UI look and feel, and I cannot seem to reset it back to its original state no matter what. So help me. I tried searching for the answers on Google, but either the suggestions don’t work, or my issue  is something that is not very common.

Eventually I got tired. I created a new user. Started importing my files to the new user. Putting it all back like it was before was still eating up so much of my time (You know how it is when you have made tons of modifications and customizations to your own user/home directory). So after a day of working on the new user account, I said, “hey why not KDE?”

And so here I am. Back to KDE after several years.

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