DotA @ over 37,000!!!

en route to my destination one friday in a kinda distant past, i was rather bored with the shows that were available on the rather tiny screen in a rather smallish A320 aircraft. the seating is cramped, as what is expected of economy class flights. and if you are claustrophobic, flying this way certainly is not for you. one hardly has enough elbow room to begin with. it is almost a matter of intimidation and a bit of elbow wrestling with your seatmate to see who gets to have that “real estate” between the two of you. lucky for you if you are seated along the aisle or by the window. then you would only have one contender for that precious wee space of real estate which is the armrest.

.. . so i was sitting for like an hour and a half by the window. nothing out there but clouds and more clouds. again, i was quickly getting bored with the reruns of Just For Laughs Gags and some Tom and Jerry cartoons. the 40-something couple beside me didn’t help much with my boredom. not that I tried to engage them in a conversation. for one, they were talking in some chinese dialect most of the time; and secondly, the lady was hardly interesting (to look at). i always wonder why i am never seated next to a pretty chick.  always I am next to a snoring old, white dude or an auntie. tough luck, eh?! perhaps the only consolation i got during that flight were the bevy of beauties that acted as the cabin crew. many had pale-white skin. tiny eyes. curled lashes. slim. young. i think their outfits were purposely made to emphasize their behind. the guys, that included me, were quick to appreciate the way they walked down the aisle, or reached for the overhead compartment to put a bag or two in.

while queueing up for the lavatory, i noticed that one guy was busy rummaging through the oodles of photos in his laptop. hey, i thought electronic gadgets were not to be turned on during the flight?! so after relieving myself i approached  one of the flight attendants. she looked of mixed blood. still very much Asian. not too pale, and not dark. her skin looked soft with a radiant lightly-tanned glow. her nose was a bit pinched, not so pointed, and the nostrils were narrower than your  average Asian nose. it made her look cute. to top it all, she had the prettiest big brown eyes. gorgeous! one that i found the best-looking of them all because she simply stood out. she smelled very nice too!

“hi, is it ok if i turn on my laptop? i am bored,” i asked that flight attendant, whose name i cannot quite remember.

she leaned really close towards me, her right ear slightly slanting towards me but still not breaking eye contact, and that smile.. . her smile was captivating.. . “excuse me sir?”, she said. luckily i stood a couple of inch or so taller than her.

“is it ok if i turn on my laptop?” this time speaking slower and making sure i did not eat my words.

“oh, you want to switch on your laptop? is it? yes, it is ok. as long as it is not during take-off or landing,” she matter-of-factly told me, this time with an all-knowing smile.

ok, well it is still a long way to go.. . i glanced at my watch, which told me that it was still half past 5 o’clock, “thank you,” and i just stood there in front of her looking dumb for a few moments, while she nodded and continued to smile at me. LOLz! 😀

so, bored me went back to my cramped seat and excitedly turned on my Compaq Presario laptop. and along the way, i stepped on a guy’s foot. he was cursing but I didn’t understand him because he was speaking in some chinese dialect. hehehe.. . i didn’t do it on purpose. promise!

now what do i do with a laptop with no Internet connection, no movies, no audio files.. . but with just one game called Warcraft III? play DotA (Defense of the Ancients), of course! and that’s what i just did. at over 37,000 feet above the ground and cruising at speeds of more than 600 km/h, bored me was playing DotA. with the retractable food tray as a make-shift desk, Cedega was crunching on DLLs and kicking out on EXE files that made playing DotA on Kubuntu Linux very possible.

Zeus, the Lord of Olympia was already owning by the time the plane began its decent to that tiny island near the southern end of the South China Sea and off the Straits of Johore. at this time, although the Sand King was not playing, nor was the Tidehunter, the game screen was strongly shaking as if in an earthquake. my  hero’s run seemed to be making dips and rolls on the screen. i was so immersed in the game that i didn’t realize that it was the turbulence after all. and so i hurriedly shelved my laptop underneath the seat, as the small plane danced downwards toward the tiny island republic that is famously called the Lion City.

Note: This piece was written over 7 years ago. It is a re-post from the original with a little bit of changes to suit the times. I was on my way to Singapore for a vacation. My first trip to this awesome island republic. Currently living in this tiny island as an expat.

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