Back After 7 Something Years

… or take a few months. Which makes it 6-plus-ish something years. But who’s counting? Right?

In case I have not mentioned it yet, I’m not talking about when was the last time I posted something here. Well, it could be that too. But instead, I am talking about me coming back to the Philippines after living in Singapore all those years.

Never would I have imagined that it would be Singapore. I always thought I’d be going somewhere in the Middle East, and then eventually head west and up north in the Americas or even further up. Something that has a proper four seasons. That was the endgame.

So opportunities came up. I grabbed it. I had to. The Little Red Dot was just as good, or even better, than the initial plan for many reasons. For one, I didn’t have to go very far from home, so going back would be easier when usually homesickness is pretty common in the early years of being away in a foreign land. Second, it’s not hot and sandy. And lastly, I had friends there.

But the idea was that it was supposed to be only a stepping stone. Since I could not find a direct way to my goal. Or perhaps because I needed to get my feet wet first. Which in turn would push me towards the right direction.

Then again I wasn’t going to easily give up my ambitions of being a code monkey. Something I feared I might have to had I opted to go for the desert lands of the Arabian regions. Now I am not so sure. Maybe I need to reinvent myself. Yet again. Because this wouldn’t be the first time.

Well here I am back to square one. I had a hell of a time while I was away. Over there I learned many things and met a whole lot of interesting people. I realized that the journey is as important as the destination. So if I can’t have that yet, then I might as well see the rest of the world as I have always wanted to. It was fun while it lasted. Well, most of the time until the last 2 something years. But that is a story best left told in another post. So, here I am and it’s not that bad. I survived. And I had to start all over again, but of course. If only for that endgame. Or not. And there was “no other way”. That is what Doc said.


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