The Quest For That Dark Beer

I am a beer drinker. Definitely not wine. Whiskey is okay. Rhum I can handle. Vodka is something I would rather stay away from. But beer is beer. Perhaps my preferred alcoholic beverage by far.

Beer is quite simple. Heavy to the tummy. As varied in taste as wines. Yet undeniably satisfying.

For a long time I have grown accustomed to local beers here in the Philippines. Heck! How could any Filipino miss Red Horse or San Miguel Light growing up?

But having lived far away from home for some time has made me appreciate the different kind of beer flavors.

And I have grown very fond of dark beers. To the point that I am missing it. These would be the stout and porter kinds. Guinness is the best example. I just love it! At the end of an excruciatingly hectic day, hand me a pint of this unassuming colored beverage and I would be more than happy to oblige.

So it has, that I have been searching for quite a while for places where Guinness, my favorite, can be found. And if not, then perhaps something similar.

Alas! It is not so simple to find these ebony concoctions just about anywhere in these seven thousand plus islands. Not even in Metro Manila.

In BGC alone, stumbling upon this “black beauty” among the myriad bars, pubs and restaurants is not commonplace. There is one around Serendra that has it. Hurray! Then there’s another one selling at The Fort Strip, but they are usually out of stock. Boo!

Also, because it is such a rarity, don’t be surprised if you can’t get it from the tap. Nope. These are, unfortunately, mostly sold in tin cans. Small ones. I must warn you though, it is a bit pricey for a 330ml, which is just about two-thirds of a pint. While the taste is more than a tad different to many degrees.

In absence of this particular brand, there are a number of spots that sell craft beers. And for certain they almost always have a dark blend. I think these are locally made. Of course, it is more than enough to satisfy that craving for the dark. There is one brewed in particular at this cool place within The Palace BGC.

Well, I am just glad that they can be found at all, although a bit more of a treasure hunt rather than a simple trip to a convenience store or nearby pub.

Nonetheless, cheers!

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Notice: This article was published on August 21, 2018 and the content above may be out of date.