A Taste of Singapore Right Here in the Metro

So I was having dinner the other night at this particular restaurant. It was actually a treat to me for somebody who “owed” me, and somehow I got to choose the restaurant. Nothing posh or fancy though. There was a budget cap! We happened to be really close by Ayala Triangle that time thus we decided to venture there first. Off we went to that little strip of fresh air, grass and greeneries in the middle of this vast concrete and steel jungle that is bustling Makati City, looking for somewhere nice to eat.

There were a number of dining options. But there was this one restaurant that piqued my curiosity.

Wee Nam Kee

At first I thought it was just another Chinese restaurant. We just went past by it because I didn’t really want to eat noodles (No, I’m not being racist). Then suddenly there was like a “ding” sound in my head. I was certain I have heard of that name before. We doubled back, took a closer look at the restaurant menu displayed by the door. Yep, this should be the same Wee Nam Kee that specializes in Hainanese Chicken Rice in Singapore.

I/we were not disappointed at all…

After I had a spoonful of their Hainanese Chicken Rice in my mouth I knew I had found another place to go to in case I’m craving for Singaporean food. It tasted exactly like how I remembered it back then in the Little Red Dot. The light soy sauce and the cucumber slices on the side was the same. Even the chicken meat was yellowish.

The other order was the Prawn Balls in Beancurd Skin. Or was it Prawn Rolls? I think it was the latter. Can’t remember the name exactly, lah! But nevermind the name meh. You’ll probably end up forgetting it but definitely not the taste just like me. For these too were delicious!

Lastly, we had the Sizzling Singapore Style Hot Plate Tofu. Honestly I have never tried any dish similar to this in Singapore. It was a bit on the sweet-ish side to my taste. Not that it was bad. I was expecting it to have a more spicy kick to it. Nevertheless it was still a good eat.

Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of what we had. We were already so hungry, as it was already considered a late dinner, that by the time the food was served we just started digging in. Forget pictures for Instagram! Tummies first. Hah!

P.S. I was hoping they had something like Spicy Curry Fish Head served in a claypot. Not sure if I missed it, but while I was turning the pages of the menu, I did not see one on the list. Too bad. That is something I really would want to fill my stomach with.

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Notice: This article was published on April 19, 2019 and the content above may be out of date.