The Endgame

What can I say? It was one hell of an ending. Expected something else, but I can’t complain so much. They had to tie loose ends. Then there are those with contracts that were about to expire. Overall I am pretty satisfied with the movie despite all that drama. The exciting action sequences were all there. The funny quips to crack us up. Easter eggs if you looked close enough (I definitely missed a lot), shocking scenes and witty lines. Surprises. Yes! And more drama. Did I mention that already?

(SPOILERS AHEAD: But 2 weeks have already gone by and you have not seen the movie yet? Boo!)

Earlier in the movie when Thanos got axed (Literally and twice – one on the left hand and the other to the head, or more like at the neck. Ouch!) I thought that was kind of abrupt. Who are they gonna be fighting now? Immediately, thoughts of a new super villain came into mind. One that would carry a new threat towards the next phases of the MCU.

But no. It has to be Thanos. Good! He’s a badass. I like him.

How they looped back to Thanos because of the time travel through the Quantum Realm thingie, I suppose, was done very convincingly. Thanos just would not go away without a fight. Alright, I’m game. Let’s see how our heroes get to beat his ass…


Practically, almost all of our heroes got their assess served pretty spectacularly. It is appalling!

Almost all. Because I’m pretty sure Scarlet Witch would have torn him to pieces right there and then had Thanos not “cheated”. All is fair in love and war though, is what they say.

What about Captain Marvel? Yeah, what about her? New do. All shiny.

Alright, I am going to admit that if it had to be either one of those heroes to end Thanos I would have been very disappointed. Not because they are women mind you.

So, the question now is, who should have beaten Thanos black and blue?

First, let’s start with our overpowered friend, Carol. She practically decimated an entire super battleship in under 10 seconds. Wow! That is some firepower has has in her fists there. However, she was almost absent in the entirety of the movie. Sure she was there at the beginning. Then having her come in at the end, again, then knock Thanos’ ass to kingdom come would have been awful story-telling. I’m glad the Russo’s did not go with that.

Then there’s Scarlet Witch who basically only showed up at the final battle. Of course, she has an excuse. She got snapped. Then only recently unsnapped. Definitely she does not get to be the one to do it. Again, poor story. She gets an almost. And that almost gives her credit as to how powerful she can be. That’s a story for another movie.

A lot of people were rooting for the angry green giant. Rematch! This time Hulk gets the upper hand (Probably an upper cut or two in there?) and redeem himself after what happened in Infinity War. Not gonna happen. Hulks story arc made sure of that (Read: He is no longer angry!). Looks like this time he did not even get to put in one measly punch. All the better. I’m not really a fan of Hulk.

Well, the thing is, it should not have been just one hero, but a combination of heroes. Preferably the remaining original Avengers (Sorry, Black Widow but I guess they’re sticking with one spider only) teaming up to finally end the mad Titan.

But wasn’t this exactly what they were doing?

What I am saying is that they could have opted for an Infinity Stones-less win. It was too much power they gave Thanos when he was without the stones. All the might of our heroes combined and they could not even scratch him. That is just absurd! Preposterous. Because of past Thanos’ arrogance he deserved a beating. Old school style. They should have.

So here is how it plays out in my mind:

While all the Avengers are doing their part to prevent Thanos from getting the gauntlet, and having failed in this attempt, the original Avengers, or more likely it is Iron Man, who gets to take the gauntlet away from Thanos before he could do the re-snap. Afterwards this time, the rest of the other Avengers finally carry it away for good while also keeping at bay the other lesser bad guys from the main fight while our trio of heroes juke it out with main baddie. Sure, Clint can put out support in this “main fight” from a distance with his arrows too. Whatever it takes. I’d love for one scene where Thanos gets an exploding arrow to his face. But it should have been more focused on Iron Man, Thor and Captain America.

  • Iron Man’s Infinity gauntlet has a hidden trick in it. Call it a safety precaution. A do-not-use-until-its-absolutely-necessary kind of thing. This is how Tony retrieves the gauntlet back from Thanos where Captain Marvel failed to do so.

  • The gauntlet, it is Iron Man tech after all, disassembles and scatters all the stones with it in several directions, then reforms as Tony wills it so. Summons it back.

  • Thanos is stupefied for a moment. He already had it within his grasp! He also looks around realizing that his armies are getting wiped out, held back, while his 4 trusted lieutenants are all dead, dying or getting beaten to a pulp. Enemy numbers are still a matter to contend with, but they’re basically fodder for now unless he does something about it.

  • Tony, passes the gauntlet to Doctor Strange. The Doc holds up his index finger, signalling to him that this is THE moment.*

  • Iron Man flies back into the fight, then unleashes THE proton cannon. Woooot! (The crowd goes wild!) This, with all the physical and elemental assaults, finally weakens our mean-ass baddie.

  • All that while, Steve goes in with Mjolnir in tow keeping purple big dude occupied. Whack, whack, whack. Strike him with lightning bursts too.

  • The “Mighty” Thor (Mighty fat, hurry up that chubby ass and help in there! Is there enough sarcasm there?) with Stormbreaker is in the brawl too. More lightning strikes from him as well. And bigger strikes, of course. They whack-a-mole our villain because Thanos, let his guard down. Remember stupefied?

  • Rogers, beats Thanos with a flurry of hammer and half-a-shield combos (I can do this all day…) to take him down to his knee. Sadly, however, not before Thanos could get in a cheap, yet, mortal blow to our dear Cap… 🙁

  • Captain America goes down. Everything goes silent. Even the audience are not able to scream or utter anything other than mouths gaping.

  • Then as a nod to – “You should have aimed for the head” – Thor comes down and puts that giant ax to good use once and for all. Actually, that would have been the 3rd time. But this time, of course, he buries it in Thanos’ head. Not chop it off. But bury it deep in his skull. Because that was what Stormbreaker was meant to do. He gets to say some witty (not) one-liner, like, “We are Avengers!” or “This is for Loki!”.

Yes, I wish Iron Man were not the one to go down in the end. Captain America would have been more fitting. Always the selfless soldier. He had nothing else left to loose. While Tony Stark had Morgan and Pepper. He still needs to mentor Spidey. He can do all this while retired.

Steve Rogers going back in time living the life he’s always wanted with Peggy Carter? That seems to open up a lot of questionable things with his character. It feels like abusing power because he could do so. Not very like our good, old Captain.

*Now that I think about it, that one victory out of 14 million possibilities does not play out so well.

P.S. There are no extra scenes during or after credits. There is a metal banging sound that could be heard briefly at the very end though.

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