WordPress Updates Asks For FTP Access

Yeah, whut?!

WordPress prompt for FTP login credentials before update.

I have noticed this for a while ever since I setup this site a few weeks ago. While I uploaded everything by hand through good old `scp` at first, it really didn’t occur to me then that there was something weird going on. I didn’t bother with it so much then. All that time I thought WordPress had changed the way it handles updates. After all, it has been some time since last I used WordPress.

Uploading images didn’t trigger this prompt however. So far I’ve noticed it only on plugin and theme updates. I didn’t think anything was amiss, since putting images into WordPress means writing to a folder on the server too.

But today I thought I would look into this matter.

And, lo! It seems that this could be an issue with folder write permissions. WordPress may not be able to write to some folders required to update some files.

What is weird though, is that I never gave write permission for the images folder. Not that I remember. And yet I am able to upload image files through WordPress’s built-in uploader.

Strange, isn’t it?

Definitely will need to take a look into this “weirdness” once I have access to a terminal.

Update: Alright, it definitely was about folder access permissions. The lack thereof that is!

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