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Yesterday, outta desperation, went thru my "secret stash" & found 2 #coffee packets. Woohooo! ✊🏼 Tasted bad... WTH. Anything for my #caffeine addiction. Was getting miserable w/o the old cuppa joe. 🥵 #MetroManilaLockdown Day 19: #TemporarySalvation

The other day I got a DM saying na tumahimik nalang daw ako (I shared some insights in an IG story) and that our government was doing the best they can.

AY PUTA, THE BEST NA TO??? If what the government is doing is already the best for you, then YOU’RE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Cash In by #GCash is confusing & misleading. At least for me. Had to Google what they meant by it. B/c traditionally "cash in" is used to mean I'm taking cash out (Yes, equally as weird). Hence, it's also used to mean exploit the situation, e.g.: Grab the money & go.

Bye #MonsterHunterWorld 👋 For now. It's unplayable w/ a #NVIDIA #GeForce 940MX. Cringeworthy gfx, don't bother. Stupid me didn't check the min. req. for this game. 😿 So I got excited to play w/ friends. Sue me! 😠 Good thing @Steam refunds. Bravo guys @Steam_Support !

As NYC struggles to keep up with coronavirus, dozens of health care workers from Atlanta boarded a plane to answer the call for help. The flight crew, health workers and others held up their hands in a heart shape for a photo that's getting all the love.

"Napakaswerte nila. Namatay sila para sa bayan."

Bayani ang lahat ng health workers pero di nila kailangang maging martir. At iba ang namatay para sa bayan sa namatay dahil sa gobyerno ha.

#MetroManilaLockdown 🇵🇭 So I ran out of #coffee 2 days ago. What's worse is, there is an ongoing #LiquorBan since Mar 26, I think. Well, THIS REALLY SUCKS!!! 😡😠😭
#COVID19PH #CoronavirusOutbreak

#MetroManilaLockdown 🇵🇭 Day 16: So I can't remember when was the last time I showered, shaved or brushed my teeth. 🤔 Good thing I'm just at home! 😬
#COVID19PH #CoronavirusOutbreak

#MetroManilaLockdown 🇵🇭 Day 15: Ran out of #coffee ☕! Fck! 😭 Converted my coffee maker into a tea pot.
#COVID19PH #CoronavirusOutbreak

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