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Just a friendly reminder to those who up to now, still don’t know how to properly wear a face mask.

4 1/2 months na ang quarantine sa Pinas, utang na loob, huwag niyong gayahin ‘yong PweSecretary ng DOH at iyong ibang “the best & the brightest”.


2 Coños On The Phone

Coño 1: What’s your ulam for dinner?

Coño 2: Wait, lemme call Yaya Sabel & ask what’s our ulam.

After a minute ...

Coño 2: Well, Yaya said we’re gonna have steamed fish casserole in tomato sauce.

Coño 1: Sounds delish. Lav ette!



The 7th ep of #Dark S3 on #Netflix made me more confused instead of the opposite. 2nd to last should've more As than Qs, right? What's that origin story anyway? 😂

👎🏼👎🏼 on this stupid pop-up every time I go into my #Netflix profile. How do I get rid of this? Can we have an opt out/turn off? #wishlist

Annus Horribilis: Latin for horrible year. Something I learned today while reading a news article about that #Pepsi #NumberFever fiasco here in 🇵🇭 back in the 90s. Nice coincidence since it describes 2020 very much so. #2020sucks

👋🏼#GooglePlayMusic. You won't be missed. Coz exclusive. I don't think it even came close to being available in #Philippines. Or maybe it is now but I stopped checking.😝

Engadget: Google Play Music will start shutting down in September.

via @GoogleNews

Can't wait 4 #TheMatrix 4th installation! Too bad release date will be pushed back more due to the #coronavirus pandemic, but it's gonna be worth the wait (I hope🤞🏼). One of my all-time movie 🎥 faves. #TheMatrix4 #movies #scifi #dejavu

😂 This is too funny! I thought we are world class? No?
Keep it. Don't. But I think the term #barkada rocks & its meaning should be shared w/ everyone. Hope you keep it. #PinoyAko 🇵🇭

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