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Dang! Unmistakably #Ubuntu. Definitely #Linux. I miss Unity desktop. 🐧

Had I not been familiar with it, I would have Googled what "PhiL-boks" meant. After all, public authorities know their stuff more than I should. But l still looked it up anyway, in case the agency name was changed. It wasn't. #Phivolcs 😁🤣🤦‍♂️

I reckon the car wash shops are gonna have a field day tomorrow (& in the next days) because of all this dust/ash being spewn about. 12 days into 2020 & it's already raining shit. Literally! 😣 #TaalVolcano #TaalEruption

I thought I was imagining it, when I was walking along the roads here in #Sucat & it seemed like sand was blowing on my face. 🤣

#taal #volcano #eruption #TaalVolcanoEruption #TaalVolcano #OnlyInThePhilippines

Well, the things guys do for a woman. Even in a game. Hahaha! 😂

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