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Someone please enlighten me why this needs no less than a Senate hearing. Can't "lesser beings" handle it? Instead, the #PhilippineSenate come up w/ a brilliant long term solution for more work, higher pay, fix traffic/mass transpo (🚉🚉🚉), better PH 🇵🇭. #LotteryBet


WATCH: Senate hearing on ABS-CBN franchise

Dunno if a pipe bursted at several points, perhaps multiple pipes, or it's pool water. Above this carpark level are the twin pools of a place along #EDSA I shall not name. Someone recently told me "the building leaks". Boy, they were not exaggerating! #WeveGotItAllForYou 🎶🎵

Found a P100 bux in one of my shorts' pockets as I was putting it into the laundry service's bag. Pays to check every time. Literally. 😁 #LaundryDay

Aaaand here we go again:

- Famous rapper (couple Million followers) uses my artwork for their new album cover
- I reach out to their management on Instagram, asking for financial compensation
- This is their reply

Don’t be like them. Exposure won’t pay bills 🙅🏼‍♂️

My #Witcher NG+ game seems bugged. Saved @ end of TWH & used that as baseline. Game loaded but Geralt is buck naked (not literally). My equipped gear are gone, replaced with garbage! WTH? 😠😭 #Witcher3 #NintendoSwitch

It's called Boodle Attack!
You eat with your hands.
This is the small-ish variant. Okay for 2 people. But I think it can feed up to 4! 😮 We could only manage to eat half of it. 😂
#ValentinesDay #ValentinesDay2020

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