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Just heard news that there was an intensity 6.3 #earthquake somewhere in #Mindanao. #CagayanDeOro, where my folks are, had it at 3-ish, supposedly. But it was described by my sources as strong. 😱

I’ve pressed down next to the “mole” several times, and it’s hard to make this unusual soil collapse into the pit. Soon, I’ll be out of contact for a couple of weeks during solar conjunction, but my team on Earth will keep working it. Keep sending good vibes! ✨

I don't think we've ever had "Happy Birthday #Ubuntu" sung to us with the harmonious accompaniment of bagpipes, in a bar.
Can you top this? 🤔

Commute for a day and it’s a novelty

Commute for a week and it’s a challenge

Commute for a year and it’s a struggle

Commute all your life - and you will fully understand how it feels to be betrayed by our politicians’ incompetence and empty promises

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