My 13 Months Stay At Avida CityFlex Towers BGC

So I wrote a review about this place – Avida CityFlex Towers @ Bonifacio Global City – on Google Maps that people would know what I thought about it, my experiences, and how I truly felt. It was a mixed feeling overall. I did not feel happy or sad about that place in the end. Disappointing is more like it. I mean, in the beginning it was all good. Perhaps because I was new to the place. But later on in my stay the horrors, to speak of it exaggeratedly, slowly got unveiled. Everything just went downhill from then on.

Dishonestly, I gave it a 5-star rating in my review so people would be able to read what I had to say. I thought giving it that high a rating would help my wordy review to bubble up over the dozens of other reviews that I felt were not really accurate or were fakes. However, (and not logged in my Google account) I think it is still not showing up in the Reviews section of Google Maps for this place. That’s a bummer!

The actual rating I would give Avida CityFlex is 3 Stars ⭐⭐⭐.

Because the only thing that is keeping it at that level for me is the location. It is situated, in my humble opinion, in the better part of BGC. It’s near to a hospital, a mall, drinking places, restaurants, and a running track in walking distance. But, oh, did I mention there is no gym? That’s another thing pulling it down. Indoor gyms are important for those rainy days and such. I can bike or do treads when going outside is not possible. It does have a pool.

Well, in case the review that I wrote is not being read by those who ought to, this is what I have to say for Avida CityFlex Towers BGC. Also, do note that I wrote most of this on the last month of my stay in that place. My recollections were still very fresh. Over time I might have added a few things, or made adjustments and corrections.

Located on the North side or upper half of Bonifacio Global City (BGC). Directly right behind (or in front, depending on one’s perspective) the Panorama Tower building. It stands on Lane T and 7th Avenue. Tower 1 and SOHO entrances being at the former, while Tower 2’s is at the latter. Right now it’s at a secluded or “quiet” part of BGC. Not much traffic on these roads. This may soon change.

Flanking one of its side is the Grand Hyatt BGC, as well as a building that’s still under construction right next to it.

This place is literally just a stone’s throw away from S&R Shopping BGC and St. Luke’s Medical Center BGC. There are 2 7-Eleven stores near it. One being just across Tower 1. There is a Starbucks nearby too (down 7th Avenue). Uptown Mall is a couple of blocks away.

Finally, its northwestern side offers a very good view of its surrounding Makati residential neighborhood and the Makati skyline.

Everything considered, I had a good stay at this place. I can’t complain much, thanks mostly to the great location, but I still do have bad things to say.

The following are my observations during my stay:

(1) Hallways are dark-ish.

(2) Tower 1 elevators are not synced. (Hence, 2 can go up to the same level instead of servicing another one.)

(3) Food delivery personnel are not allowed to go up. You have to go down and get it yourself. This also holds true for all other kinds of delivery. The only ones they allow are the drinking water delivery and laundry services.

(4) You cannot have lobby/front desk staff receive items for you. Or leave something to them, for example, have a letter/parcel that needs to be picked up by a courier when you’re not at home. ~ This rule was only put in place this year (2019).

(5) At R17 (a.k.a. Residential Level 17) at the northwest side of Tower 1 (Facing Guadalupe, Makati) the walls/materials are thin-ish. I can practically hear the neighbors talk next door. Won’t say it’s the same for other levels/areas. I suppose?

(6) When it rains it pours. Yes, on the same level there are leaks. So on a rainy day, particularly on heavy ones, part of the hallway going to my unit has rainwater going down the walls and on the floor. I know they “fixed” this last year. It’s come back this year. (Shoddy repairs? Takes a while to get fixed). Water spill off from heavy rain can come in from the fire exit too.

*June 2019 update:

In recent months, the garbage disposal place @ my level (R17) stinks badly. At times the odor goes into my unit. Poor maintenance obviously. As a result cockroaches, big and small, as well as flies, abound. The creepers can easily go into my unit and they do. I’ve already complained about this twice to the building management.

For the last 2 months, or more, upgrading works on one of the common areas (R1/near playground and benches) have been going on … but at an awfully slow pace for such a small space. And it’s not like the upgrade being done is so complicated. I use this area to lounge about with a coffee + book in hand on weekends. Or simply go around the small-ish square for a jog. So much for hefty association dues. 😝

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