I Lost My MRT EasyCard in Taiwan…

… on the first day of our trip, right after getting off the Airport MRT.

… and then I found it again. 15 mins later.

Not on my seat on the train where I thought I dropped it.

Not on the floor of the platform where it might have slipped off my left jacket pocket.

It was rather kept safe at the service booth at the entrance of the station. I suppose one good soul found it and bothered to return it there. They could have kept it. That card still had NT$250 in it. A large enough sum for how many MRT or bus rides, a decent meal or a couple of milk tea drinks.

But they didn’t.

And I am very grateful.

So while my EasyCard was safely sitting there waiting to be claimed, I was not even aware it was lost until I was about to exit the station. All that while we were figuring out where the K12 exit of the train station was where we were supposed to go. Then I reached into my pocket only to find out that it was not there anymore.

The roving MRT service personnel on the station platform told me I should check the front booth. I’m not sure he even understood me at all.

True enough it was there. Just like he said.

And when I asked for it, they did not even ask for my ID. The lady only asked for how much was in it when I bought it, and where I first got on the train (I’m sure she already knew it was at the airport because we looked like hapless tourists who just set foot in Taiwan).

I thought I had already lost about NT$350 on the first day of my trip to Taiwan. I know I said NT$250 earlier. The NT$100 is the card fee that is not usable. That is about twice the amount if converted back to Philippines currency or approximately PHP700.

To that honest and good soul who surrendered it to the MRT personnel at the station I only have this to say – Xièxie Nĭ.

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Notice: This article was published on October 25, 2019 and the content above may be out of date.