Viber For Linux Desktop Looks Huge

Well, I installed Viber for the Linux desktop today. Yet again. I remember installing it not so long ago only to end up uninstalling it straight away because the application window looked disproportionately huge on my Ubuntu 16.04.

The issue is still present now. Describing it, below are a few of what I noticed when Viber was first launched after install.

  • The application window would not fit the screen resolution properly.
  • Parts of the window won’t show because it’s too big.
  • I could not resize the application.
  • Maximize doesn’t work too.
  • The fonts are large.

Everything looked very odd. Not to mention butt ugly.

Didn’t bother to look for a solution before. But today I did. And it is quite an easy fix. All you need is a good old text editor and a few clicks on the file manager.

So according to Ask Ubuntu this is what you should do if you encounter this issue (Credit goes where credit is due).

This works for Viber >= 0.70 only. The solution linked above includes one for older versions.

Find the .desktop file for Viber. It should be in /usr/share/applications by default. Aptly named, viber.desktop (Yes, no surprise there).

Then edit the Exec part to include an adjustment on how the app will be scaled when launched.

Note: You need to run your text editor with gksudo or you will not be able to modify the file.

The modified command looks like this:

Exec=env QT_SCALE_FACTOR=0.6 /opt/viber/Viber %u

Modify the line on the .desktop file to look exactly like the one above.

Note: Though I did say exactly, you can – of course – experiment with a number that best suits your desktop environment. Mine is currently set at 0.8.

Close your Viber before re-launching it with this fix or you won’t notice the change until the next login. And by this I mean, kill the running app instance by going to the app indicator and clicking on Exit. That should terminate the app which is just running in the background.

That should do it. Now on next launch, you should have the Viber application scaled properly on your desktop. The window is already resizable. Maximize works too. Fonts display accordingly. Lastly, it will now look pretty on your desktop instead of sticking out like a sore thumb.

Enjoy messaging your friends!

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