This Razer Naga Epic Is Worth Every Dollar

Razer. For gamers this brand is synonymous to expensive and sexy and cool. I probably could not afford any of their gaming laptops or desktops. I mean I could save up for it but I guess it won’t be practical for the kind of games that I play. But, oh boy, would I love to have one of those for sure!

Then I did buy one of their stuff. A peripheral device we normally would call a mouse. This is not just any ordinary one. It is a gaming mouse after all. Yes, this is about the only thing I could indulge myself to buy from Razer since it is expensive gear. As I recall, I bought this gaming mouse for somewhere around SGD$350+/- that time back in 2013-ish. For that amount, that is a lot of money for a mouse. Quite an investment but worth every dollar for certain!

Razer Naga Epic

Razer Naga Epic

For one I could attest to its durability. One of the many qualities I can vouch for this Razer mouse. At least for this particular device I have been playing with it on many games like Diablo 3, World of Warcraft, DoTA 2, Torchlight 1 and 2, and other games, over the years. It has been with me for something like 8-ish years. Although I might not have been using it every day, it is still pretty much intact and functional.

While it has remained solid throughout this time, the two things that have not aged so well are its battery and the cable. For the battery, it has bloated. This is commong for Lithium-ion batteries. It is a removable one. But these are not your off-the-shelf AAA batteries. Perhaps I can buy a replacement, because I am certainly missing the wireless capability of this mouse which can last for several gaming hours. While the cable has twisted in some parts and I cannot some seem to untwist it. It is not that bad though.

So what does this mouse have for its features?

It duals as a wireless mouse or you can directly use it with its cable attached. The dock is its signal receiver when its in wireless mode. That same dock also serves as the battery charging station. Lastly, when you are not playing, you can put the mouse on it – the mouse stands upright at an almost 90-degree angle when docked – and have it prominently displayed instead of the mouse lying somewhere. After all, it is an expensive piece of equipment. You would want people to see it.

Looks-wise, like I said, Razer means sexy. I am no Razer expert or fan-boy but I have seen many of their stuff. The design is super elegant that it would rival that of Apple’s, and I would even go so far as to say Razer’s looks better. This one looks like an alien spaceship. Black. A mouse wheel that is larger and thicker than usual. Lots of buttons so you can program it for key binds. Perfect for MMO games. The mouse buttons (not all) and the wheel also lights up, and cycles through different colors.

The Razer Naga Epic is big. Not huge. It feels quite right on my hand. When I cup it, it fits snugly. Like it was custom-designed for my palm. The feel is great. The shape is so that my fingers can all fit comfortably on the mouse and not on the desk. Has a certain weight to it too so that you don’t feel scared that you might accidentally throw it when executing those quick game moves without really being cumbersome.

You can also replace its side panels as the picture shows below. So, yes, I might have said it is big-ish but you can trim it down at the side to make it look more slim. What for you ask? Aside from aesthetics, I suppose it is for utility, like for your preferred grip.


Note: Image copyright is owned by Razer. Files taken off of the Razer Nage Epic Razerstore page.

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