Mochi-doo, My Fun-Sized Furry Friend

This is Mochi. She is my 2-month old Shih Tzu puppy (at the time of this post). A teenie-weenie cutie furball who just eats, sleep and run around the house all day long, while I chase after her constantly trying to get the last item she has got in her mouth. Which reminds me that I need to puppy-proof my house for her safety.

It has only been the third day since she has been with me at home. But it would be my first time to have a dog or a pet for that matter, unless if it can be considered that a cactus or an aloe vera can be called one.

These are a few of the first photos of her. In the first one she looks a bit apprehensive since she has never seen a smartphone up close in her life before. She is probably wondering what that weird-looking black thing is doing in front of her face.

And when she is not curled up peacefully somewhere in the house, she can be quite energetic. On the third picture she is staring at her blue toy trying to decide what to do with it. Most of the time she just bites at it and tosses it around. I was told that I should not keep her toys lying around within her reach all the time. She will get bored fast with it if I did.

Welcome home, Mochi-doo!


What I did not mention before is that Mochi has even more sentimental value because she was given to me as a gift by my Babu. She knew I’ve been meaning to get a dog. I have wanted to have a pet ever more because of her. She loves dogs and has 4 of em cute furballs. Because of her I’ve grown to appreciate having one myself, especially a dog. Thank you darleng. 😘🤗

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