Mochi The Cosplay Pup

She’s grown. Not a lot. But still.

Her fur has grown thicker. Especially around the neck areas and behind/around the ears. Her back used to be half white and half brown fur. The latter being at the lower portion. Now that brownish hair has creeped upwards almost entirely covering her back. Tail has grown longer too. For her dog breed, she is certainly lacking in hair by a lot.

The black patches around her eyes remain. So does the brown-colored fur she wears on her crown. Thankfully though. That’s like her trademark. Kinda makes her look like a racoon.

Weighs a little over 3kg now.

Overall she’s still considered quite small. She’s not grown taller so much. Rather longer.

And, definitely, still does not look like your regular Shih Tzu.

At 5 months old, this is what she looks like 🐶

Oh, yeah, so that’s my girlfriend’s idea of putting costumes on Mochi. I think this would be one of her better-looking ones – a yellow track suit with a hoodie. Doesn’t she look adorable? Which reminds me to take pictures of her wearing her other outfits. That little cover image up top with an orange shirt is the first one she got. She’s almost outgrown it. Still fits but getting tight-ish since her body has grown plumper. In that pic she kinda looks annoyed. Hence she’s hiding at one of her favorite spots in the house. Normally when she’s tired/sleepy and I ignore her because I’m working, she’ll just lie down by my feet.

She doesn’t like it so much when she’s wearing one. Will go to lengths of rolling on the floor furiously at first, trying to get it off her back, if I leave her to it. Getting used to though, little by little. I try not to make her wear those too long. I can imagine the discomfort.

And I haven’t trained her with a collar and leash just yet. I got Mochi just when the pandemic started. So going around parks, or generally anywhere outside, is a big no. I could just imagine her not liking that too. But a dog has got to learn.


But what dog can’t be bribed by a doggie treat, yes? For a piece of snack, you’d think she was born wearing one, and act like she’s a natural with those on. Hahaha! 🍖🍪

So up there 👆 that’s her okay-give-me-that-doggie-biscuit-and-will-smile pose.

And this one down here 👇 is her why-are-you-making-me-wear-this look.


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