What’s Wrong with the Android Nokia 6.1 Plus

My Android Nokia 6.1 Plus will be 2 years old come December (2020). This Nokia has served me well since then. Didn’t really plan on getting this one at all. It was kind of a spur-of-the-moment purchase decision when my 2 other Android smartphones – a Samsung Galaxy Note 1st gen and a Google LG Nexus 5 – both died one after the other in the same month after being in service for 5 and 4 years, respectively. Yeah, shitty coincidence!

I’ve had no major problems with the Nokia 6.1 Plus. A few hiccups, yes, but what smartphone doesn’t have that, eh? So far it’s still fast and responsive up until this very writing. The Android updates are still coming in every month. It should be getting the 11th Android version update early next year (2021) from what I heard, if not this December. At least that’s what Nokia promised. Which is not bad at all considering that it started out with version 9, codenamed Pie.

I do have some gripes with it. That’s what I’m writing about here. Below is a list of the 5 pet peeves I have with this particular Nokia phone model:

  • GPS is little bit wonky – Without Waze, it would have been very hard for me to drive around Metro Manila. I can never memorize the maze of streets, but thanks to this little application I can get myself from Point A to Point B without having to ask someone for directions at every turn. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed that this device has a hard time getting a GPS signal. I have had to reboot it several instances while I’m in the middle of the road just because GPS kept on failing.
  • Cellular signal pick-up strength is not that good – I live in a place surrounded by very tall skyscrapers. Particularly at at spot where reception is not that good. Other brands seem to pick up a cellular signal better than this Nokia. Heck, my very old LG Optimus One can even pick up a network signal better when I’m inside the toilet where this Nokia can’t.
  • Grip is not practical – Without a phone jacket or case, the glass back finish makes this model particularly slippery to one’s grip even if the frame is aluminum. So much so that before I got it a jacket when I first bought it 2 years ago, it already bounced off the floor a few times earning itself small-ish screen cracks and some dents/scratches around its frame very early on.
  • Gets really hot when watching videos – Tried it on full length movies on Netflix or some other streaming service, and it gets particularly hot.
  • Faulty charging port – Probably a worn off charging port. It won’t charge right away unless I flip the USB Type-C charging connector to the correct side. I have to really push it in too. Maybe this is a USB design flaw more than it is the device’s. Something the Type-C was supposed to fix but it does not look to be that way.
Nokia 6.1 Plus

Note: Image from GSMArena.com.

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