Observations After Watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars S1

This is an old-ish Star Wars series. I might have seen some episodes across different seasons, but I know I missed a lot. Then it was probably random viewings, never a commitment to watch this great animated series from beginning to end. Now I’m going to. So where to start but in Season 1 of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

Of course, I’ve already watched the animated movie too. If you’re going to want to get into the animated Star Wars universe, that movie is where all of this starts. It introduced and ushered in the series. Ahsoka Tano also makes her first appearance here.

Why watch it after all these years? Well, two words: The Mandalorian.

One can still enjoy this highly talked about Disney Plus series without having to watch the animated ones, but I think it’s best to get to the history of it. That gets a lot of questions out of the way.

I am gonna say I’ve enjoyed this first season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars much. Looking forward to binge on the other 7 series in the near future. But first let me just write about the funny things I’ve observed after watching the first season.

The Jedi

  • Make for poor generals: Yes, their battle plans and executions are sloppy. Many times it’s reckless too. I’m no military expert but really it doesn’t take all that smarts to know that many times they show just that in the story – doesn’t make sense.
  • Why are they NOT using grenades or bombs? It makes quick work of mass robots hanging around together like idiots. Oh, but most ARE idiots. You don’t use a machine gun to get rid of a swarm of cockroaches. Use a flame thrower instead!
  • Needs to be more cunning: Their enemies, particularly the other half of the balance – Sith – make them look like amateurs. One Sith apprentice against 2 fully-trained Jedi Knights doesn’t seem to be enough to beat the former. The apprentice just runs circles around these knights like they were bumbling fools. WTF? It takes Yoda-level Jedi-foo to turn the tables around. So how is Obi Wan Kenobi a Master-level Jedi anyway?
  • Hesitation/Recklessness: I think their code and all that makes them hesitate a lot even when up against a Sith. With all that Force power at their disposal, they are still often at the receiving end of a Sith Force lightning or salvo of projectiles hurled at them by Force. It makes them look always on the defensive instead of attacking first. If it’s capture they want, instead of kill, they still need to attack at all costs.

    Now, on the other hand, there are enough episodes in Season 1 showing that ex-/Padawans ultimately are stubborn or too proud (or dumb) to not listen to their teachers. Some have been known to be reckless at the wrong time. Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano are 2 best examples. There was that Jedi Knight rookie who was killed by General Grievous too because he never listened, too much confidence on his abilities, or the lack thereof.
  • Rely too much on Light Sabres: It doesn’t look like using the Force exhausts them as the show portrays. Why is it that when they are on the offensive they rely too much on their signature Light Sabres. I don’t mind, the sound and flashing lights as the plasma blades twirl during combat, making the fighting scenes look really fancy, but it gets old and stupid sometimes. I mean, for the most part slow and dumb battle droids in attack formation (in a line like ducks in a row or shooting fish in a barrel) and why are they parrying blaster shots with their laser swords all the time? For pete’s sake, hurl lots of huge rocks or crash the walls around those metal clankers using the Force. The bots in a line can be eliminated that way faster.

The Droids

  • Can’t shoot for shit: Their aim is very terrible. Heck, terrible is even an understatement. I think the target would have to be an arm’s length away for them to hit anything at all.
  • Stupid battle formation: Yes, they just march in rows at the enemy during battles. How do they even manage to not shoot one another at that very close range?
  • Dumb as fuck: This needs no explanation.

The Clones

  • Can’t shoot for shit too: As the saying goes, “Couldn’t hit the side of a bantha“. Their aim is just as bad as the droids. What makes them worse is that the droids always march in the same formation without ducking or taking cover at all. But at least Clones try to take cover and don’t stand behind each other in rows.
  • Plastic armor: Why do they even bother to wear one? The armor is close to useless. Perhaps the only thing it can deflect are arrows? Even that is doubtful. Perhaps a knife then? I remember in live action they were even susceptible to stones thrown by Ewoks. Hahaha!

Despite all this, I am still a Star Wars fan. Still entertained. I just wish in The Mandalorian they made the Stormtroopers better. The choreography couldn’t be that hard to pull off, right? An extra few days of shooting to create a very good battle scene? With Disney in the backing I am sure they can afford the extra budget for that ten times over.

Note: Image from imdb.com.

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