Spotify Doesn’t Seem To Be Working

I had this issue with Spotify on Android Auto recently. The Spotify app was working on my phone yet somehow it would not show on my Mazda’s head unit display.

Spotify was working fine on my Samsung A52 phone that time I connected it. In fact, I can still select songs from the phone and it plays through my car’s speakers. The only thing is that nothing is showing up on the HU screen, except for the following error message:

Spotify doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

Restarted/reconnected Android Auto several times. To no avail.

Finally, I looked up this error message on the Internet. Other people have had this error with Spotify on Android Auto too. Not a surprise there.

Solutions vary from setting Android to allow Spotify to not “save power” or “don’t optimize” on the battery. These settings are not found in the app. It’s in Android, under Settings. Look for something related to battery optimization. This is according to several users who have encountered this issue. You’ll just have to find it and try it out, because I couldn’t locate said configuration in my case. I suppose it depends on the phone.

One user fixed their issue by enabling Device Broadcast Status. This is under the settings of the Spotify app itself. Toggle it and the button should turn green. Mine was set to off. I suppose that’s the default. I’ve never used this setting before for Spotify to work on AA. I tried it but no bueno.

Another user mentioned to clear cache for the Spotify app. This worked for them. This is done before connecting your Android phone to the car’s system. I didn’t get to try this out. But I have a feeling this might have worked and would have been a faster fix. Clearing cache usually is one of the last resorts but it didn’t occur to me then.

What did finally work for me is to reinstall Spotify on my phone. Yup. As simple as that.

First, I disconnected my phone from the car. Went ahead to uninstall/install the app from Google Play Store. Took only a minute or so to do everything, including logging in. Reconnected to the car and bingo! Spotify is working once again on AA.

Before reinstalling Spotify I would try clearing the app’s cache first if/when you encounter this error. You may probably lose your downloaded songs/albums/playlists. That’s okay, I guess. You can always re-download everything easily.

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Notice: This article was published on January 4, 2022 and the content above may be out of date.