MHRise: 5m 49s Nargacuga Kill

It has been several weeks since I have completed the main Monster Hunter Rise quest line. That is, all of the elder dragon quests starting from Wind Serpent Ibushi, Narwa The Allmother up to Crimson Glow Valstrax. That last one is surely one big and mean dragon. He is one of the more annoying dragons to defeat, especially in that upgraded version (seems like) where you fight him in the Infernal Springs location.

Quest Complete!

There are a few High Rank (HR) quests that I haven’t started yet. These are some of the apex monster quests. Only a few are left, those that involves dual or triple apex monsters in a hunt. Got to practice and optimize my Dual Blades (DB) builds. I’m still under 250 HR.

While not running around with dual blades, I’ve been learning to play other weapons as well. Namely, the Hunting Horn (HH), Light Bow Gun (LBG) and the Long Sword (LS). The latter being the number 1 weapon in Rise. I’m still getting the hang of slashing around a LS. My timings are way off, and I fumble around with this weapon all the time for now. 😅 I think I’ve gotten better results with the HH. Not quite good, but I manage. For the LBG that is something I want to practice on for group hunts, but I suck at ammo management. Worst is that my aim is awful. That’s why I don’t play much, if none at all, on FPS games.

Anyway, while trying to improve and optimize on my play style by learning different DB builds on YouTube, I stumbled on other videos of MH Rise hunters showing off their DB skills with sub-five minute kills. Some capture. And, man, it’s amazing how they’re pulling that off!

So I’ve been trying to do that as well. Starting with this kitty, the Nargacuga. I’ve not been successful yet. This hunt below was my fastest so far, clocking in at 5 minutes and 49 seconds. Here I’m using the Dual Chameleos weapons. It deals poison as additional damage. Better practice some more!

Hunting a Nargacuga with Dual Chameleos

To say this game has been fun is an understatement. It’s engaging and addicting! Granted this is my first Monster Hunter game, I can’t really compare it to the other titles that came out before it. I’m excited for Sunbreak, the next in the series and an expansion pack of Rise, coming out in late June 2022. I’d love to be able to play Monster Hunter World too, but alas, I don’t have a PC beefy enough to play it.

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