Imperial TIE Fighter – Star Wars

Just got this baby. It looks really cool, with a good amount of exterior details put into the model. This is not brand new. You can tell it’s not in mint condition too. But I don’t care, it still looks really nice! There’s no physical damage or missing parts (I think). Granted there is a little bit of dust and dirt, but nothing like a piece of cotton and some water won’t be able to fix. This is a 2nd-hand Hasbro toy I got through the back channels. Some dude is unloading his collections and for a reasonable price too. So I grabbed this one first. I’m also eyeing that HulkBuster Iron Man armor.

The colors on this one may not make it look more traditional. At least in the original Star Wars trilogy movies it’s not how I remembered it. Those were dark-ish gray with some black accents, methinks. Or was it the other way around? But I think the choice of colors on this model plays out nicely to compliment the details. The wings – if you can call it that – are very light gray, they’re practically already white. The body is 2-tone, with one side painted red. Makes it stand out like a Pokemon ball. 😁

Two mounted gun/cannon turrets. One on the top side. The other is at the bottom left. Both can rotate in 360-degrees, horizontal motion, with the bottom one also able to move up and down at 30-degrees.

If you noticed, there are 2 missile pods just above the main window. This toy can launch those missiles. There is a button at the back that does that. Got a bit surprised when I tapped on that little red button and off went the 2 missiles flying straight to my face.

All the gun/cannon/missile placements does not look familiar. Or perhaps I haven’t seen enough Star Wars movies or read books/comics to know more. This TIE fighter looks more combat aggressive with all the firepower it has equipped.

There is a door/hatch below that opens up. The inside still has some details to it. Unfortunately there isn’t a seat nor a pilot inside when I acquired this. Not sure if it did originally come with that kind of attention to detail. Perhaps? I’ll check out the Hasbro toy catalogue for this particular item later on. I’m sure I’ll be able to find it on the Internet. Although I’m not really pedantic about having those things anyway. Most of the time this bad boy will just be sitting on top of a shelf for me to gawk at. 😝

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