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is it going be the red pill or the blue pill?

certain decisions must be made soon. and it is up to you to decide which one to take.. . but i guess that choice has already been made for you. you really thought it was you who decided, didn’t you? .. .on the one hand, you can go on and continue believing what you’ve always…

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.. .while waiting for my darned script to finish (it seems ridiculously slow), i’ll just write a few things here. once again i’m at it. back to where i was a few months ago – working ’til the wee hours of the morning that is. and now it seems i’ve surpassed my previous record of…

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yet another Pinoy invention!

standing tall among all the other edifices in some residential neighborhood, this 3-storey construct that was originally meant as living quarters for lease is home to one not-so-conspicuous IT/outsourcing company where i work. the office environment is homey and simple. with a bunch of 64-bit personal computers sitting on a round table in groups of…

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reminder to me:

over the past 6 years i’ve installed Linux on different machines countless times. from one distro to another. one upgrade after another. most of the time it’s for desktop use only. always, i’ve managed to secure copies of important data and valuable applications before i wiped the harddisks clean. but if there’s one thing i…

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— post #16 —

this week i’ve been having troubles on my OpenSuSE Linux. it seems to be awfully slow. sluggish to be exact. i’m almost always using the same applications during work — Eclipse for Java development, Quanta for JavaScript and PHP programming, a Linux terminal (but, of course!),  Firefox, Amarok for music, Kmail (for what else?), Kopete…

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a faint tapping sound arose in the wee hours of the morning.. . like the sound of someone, something pounding rapidly on plastic tiles.. . and then a slight hesitation. a pause. the sound of a chair being moved backward and forward echoed within the walls of the small rectangular partition that is at the…

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the alternative OS

the workstation that was given to me at work had Windows XP (only) installed to it. being a Linux user for more than 5 years already now, I’ve gone a bit uncomfortable in a Windows environment. i do have Windows XP installed in my own computer, but i rarely, rarely use it. i don’t know…

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i’m a programmer?!

ok.. . so i’m away from home – about a 12-hour trip by boat from the city where i came from – just to start my career in programming. i’ve been in this job for like 1 month and 3 weeks. i think. so far i’m pretty much getting the hang of it. or maybe…

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