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Neverware CloudReady Alternative to ChromeOS Does Not Work on VM

I am gonna preface this post with a statement (before going on about why I want to try ChromeOS) – Neverware’s CloudReady OVA image does not work on Windows. It does not work on Linux as well, but this is to be expected. The weird thing is that I get the exact same error message…

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Play Angry Birds On Your Firefox Browser

Yes you are reading that right. Angry Birds, the super-famous game on Android, iPhone and tablets alike, is now playable on a desktop web browser. Probably not all web browsers but it runs on Chrome and Firefox. Supposedly it is only for chrome, as that little logo at the tail end of the Birds, implies.…

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ROOTing An Android Phone May VOID Its Warranty

In case you didn’t know, tampering with your Android phone may void its warranty! I am not a lawyer. This is just my own opinion. However, common sense will tell us that any form of tampering will normally void a device’s warranty. From experience, I’ve had my warranty voided more than once because of curiosity,…

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