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Firefox 4 is finally here!

Today, March 22nd of 2011, marked the release of the newest iteration of our most beloved free and open source web browser – Firefox 4. After waiting how many long months, countless beta versions and a handful of release candidates, the much awaited arrival of the final and stable version of Firefox 4 is now.…

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Odd Firefox 4 Restore Previous Session Behavior

If I can’t hibernate my desktop, not to worry, Firefox always has the Restore Previous Session feature. The newer builds of Firefox 4 beta – right now I’m still using 4.0b12pre – will no longer ask the user to save the session if there is more than one tab open. Its default action is Save…

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Firefox 4 beta PPA on Ubuntu

If you want to test out the latest Firefox 4 beta the easy way, just add the PPA for it. Details can be had at https://launchpad.net/~silverwave/+archive/testing0. Manually, you can add this to the sources.list – deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/silverwave/testing0/ubuntu lucid main (Don’t forge to add the signing key if you’re doing it manually) If you’re feeling lazy,…

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