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LG Optimus One Gingerbread Update Rolling Out?

The latest V10G_00 update for LG Optimus One, unfortunately, is not yet the one I’ve been waiting for. It got me excited the moment the notification popped out telling me a new update is available a week ago. Wishful thinking as it is, but the G in the update name was a good sign because…

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Android App For LG Application Store

The Android app for the LG Application Store is broken! While it works well when viewing the available apps, once I try to download one and is prompted to sign-in, it won’t let me. The authentication process doesn’t work. It keeps on telling me that the ID and/or password does not match. Of course, I…

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Will the LG Optimus One get Gingerbread – Android 2.3?

This was the question I’ve asked myself after Google announced its new smartphone Nexus S, successor to the Nexus One, earlier this week. As every Android fan may already know, Google has already released the latest iteration to its popular Android operating system. Also known as Gingerbread, this latest major version release as of this…

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ROOTing A LG Optimus One Android Phone

ROOTing a LG Optimus One Android Phone is easier now, thanks to z4root by Ryan ZA. All you have to do is download/install the z4root application from the Android Market. The z4root is a one-click-root type of app for dummies that seems to have been made specially for non-developers and/or those who dread the alien-like…

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